Obtaining AMCOS controlled Production Music (PM) and correctly licensing PM is a simple process but all potential users of PM must first register with AMCOS.

A Client Registration Form is to be completed by all entities (individuals, companies, studios, etc.) that wish to source & use Production Music from any PM Supplier.

Once a company or individual has completed the information supplied on this form this enables us to set you up as a PM Client and issue you with a PM Client Number (PMCN).

You may then quote this number to the PM Suppliers (usually before they supply discs), indicating that you have registered with AMCOS.

Individuals must be Australian or New Zealand residents and organisations must have registered offices in Australia or New Zealand. Registration is only granted for clients who wish to obtain Production Music for the purpose of licensing such music in audio or audio visual productions. It is not available for private use or for clients from countries other than Australia or New Zealand. Please note that receipt of a Production Music Client Number does not guarantee supply of music. This supply is at the discretion of the Production Music Supplier.

To register, please Click Here>>